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Best 10 Chimney Meaning in Hindi

chimney meaning in hindi
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Chimney Meaning in Hindi ( हिंदी में मतलब )

Chimney = चूल्हा

Meanings of Chimney in Hindi ( हिंदी में मतलब )


1. चूल्हा (m)

2. धुंआरा

3. धुआँकश (m)

4. धुआँरा

5. धूआँदान

6. लैंप (m)

7. धुंआ निकलने का मार्ग

8. बर्फ़ का कटाव

9. ज्वालामुखी पर्वत का मुंह

10. पहाड़ मे ऊपर को जाती सुरंग

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IPA : tʃɪmni Hindi : चिम्नी

Chimney Meaning in Hindi


Chimney Meaning in Hindi,

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CHIMNEYS = चिमनी pr. { chimani }

CHIMNEY POT = चिमनी की नली pr. { chimani ki nali }

CHIMNEY BAR = चिमनी शलाका pr. { chimani shalaka }

CHIMNEY BAR = अँगीठी शलाका pr. { Anagithi shalaka }

CHIMNEY GAS = चिमनी गैस pr. { chimani gais }

CHIMNEY COWL = चिमनी टोप pr. { chimani Top }

CHIMNEY COWL = चिमनी कवल pr. { chimani kaval }

CHIMNEY FLUE = चिमनी धूम्रपथ pr. { chimani dhumrapath }

CHIMNEY ROCK = चिमनी शैल pr. { chimani shail }

CHIMNEY SWEEP = चिमनी साफ करनेवाला pr. { chimani saph karanevala }

CHIMNEY STACK = चिमनी चिति pr. { chimani chiti }

CHIMNEY CLOUD = चिमनी मेघ pr. { chimani megh }

CHIMNEY DRAFT = चिमनी प्रवात pr. { chimani pravat }

CHIMNEY PIECE = आतिशदान pr. { Atishadan }

CHIMNEY SHAFT = चिमनी दंड pr. { chimani danad }

CHIMNEY STACK = चिमनी नाल pr. { chimani nal }

CHIMNEY VALVE = चिमनी वाल्व pr. { chimani valv }

CHIMNEY BREAST = चिमनी प्रक्षेप pr. { chimani prakshep }

CHIMNEY BREAST = चिमनीप्रक्षेप pr. { chimaniprakShep }

CHIMNEY EFFECT = चिमनी प्रभाव pr. { chimani prabhav }

CHIMNEY GUTTER = धुआरा पनाली pr. { dhuAra panali }

CHIMNEY DRAUGHT = चिमनी प्रवात pr. { chimani pravat }

CHIMNEY CLIMBING = चिमनी आरोहण pr. { chimani Arohan }

CHIMNEY ATTENUATOR = चिमनीनुमा क्षीणकारी pr. { chimaninuma Kshinakari }

CHIMNEY (OR STACK) EFFECT = चिमनी प्रभाव pr. { chimani prabhav }

Word Forms / Inflections

Chimney Meaning in Hindi

Chimneys (noun plural)
Chimneyed (verb past tense)
Chimneying (verb present participle)
Chimneys (verb present tense)

Definitions and Meaning of Chimney in English

Chimney Meaning in Hindi


1. A vertical flue that provides a path through which smoke from a fire is carried away through the wall or roof of a building

2. A glass flue surrounding the wick of an oil lamp

Synonyms of chimney

Chimney Meaning in Hindi

Chimney Meaning in Hindi

  • lamp chimney
  • fireplace
  • flue
  • furnace
  • hearth
  • pipe
  • stack
  • vent
  • chase
  • funnel
  • ventilator
  • chimney pot
  • chimney stack
  • smokeshaft


Chimney Meaning in Hindi
Chimney Meaning in Hindi

Chimney Meaning in Hindi

A chimney is a masonry, clay, or metal architectural ventilation structure that separates hot poisonous exhaust gases or smoke from human living spaces produced by a boiler, stove, furnace, incinerator, or fireplace.

Chimneys are usually vertical, or as close to vertical as possible, to ensure that gases flow smoothly, bringing air into the combustion via the stack, or chimney effect.

The flue is the interior space of a chimney. Large industrial refineries, fossil fuel combustion facilities, or parts of buildings, steam trains, and ships all have chimneys.

Chimney Meaning in Hindi

चिमनी चिनाई, मिट्टी या धातु से बनी एक वास्तुशिल्प वेंटिलेशन संरचना है जो मानव रहने वाले क्षेत्रों से बॉयलर, स्टोव, भट्टी, भस्मक या चिमनी द्वारा उत्पादित गर्म विषाक्त निकास गैसों या धुएं को अलग करती है।

चिमनी आमतौर पर लंबवत होती हैं, या जितना संभव हो उतना लंबवत, यह सुनिश्चित करने के लिए कि गैसें सुचारू रूप से बहती हैं, दहन में हवा खींचती हैं जिसे स्टैक, या चिमनी प्रभाव के रूप में जाना जाता है।

चिमनी के अंदर की जगह को ग्रिप कहा जाता है। चिमनी बड़ी औद्योगिक रिफाइनरियों, जीवाश्म ईंधन दहन सुविधाओं या इमारतों, भाप इंजनों और जहाजों के हिस्से के निकट हैं।

More matches for chimney

noun – chimney meaning in hindi

chimney breastचिमनी प्रक्षेप
chimney stalkनाल
chimney stalkपाइप
chimney sweepचिमनी साफ़ करनेवाला
chimneypieceचिमनी का तख़्ता
chimneypotचिमनी की नली
chimneystackचिमनी चिति
chimneysweepचिमनी साफ करनेवाला

Most FAQs

1. What is the purpose of a chimney?

A chimney is a masonry, clay, or metal architectural ventilation structure that separates hot poisonous exhaust gases or smoke from human living spaces produced by a boiler, stove, furnace, incinerator, or fireplace.

2. In a kitchen, what is a chimney?

A kitchen chimney is a smoke, stink, and oil-sucking electronic equipment that keeps your kitchen clean and oily.

3. How does a kitchen chimney work?

Electric chimneys are meant to remove oil particles from the air within a kitchen. Filters in the chimney absorb heat and catch grease particles as air flows through, keeping your kitchen cool and odor-free.

4. What are the Best Brands of Kitchen Chimneys?

Elica : When it comes to purchasing chimney brands, Elica is undoubtedly one of the best. Elica kitchen appliances are the most widely used in the country, and they have been providing outstanding service for decades.

Hindware : Hindware chimneys never fail to satisfy their consumers; the quality of their chimneys, their products, and the features in the chimney are all fantastic.

Faber : Faber chimneys are one of the oldest kitchen chimney manufacturers, having been in business for over a century. If you want to buy the highest-quality, well-proven chimneys, this is the way to go.

Eurodomo : Eurodomo was not initially well-known in the kitchen appliance sector, but since people began to use its goods, they have become increasingly popular since the chimneys are equipped with innovative and superior characteristics.

Glen : If you’re looking for a kitchen chimney with a lot of noise-cancelling capability, the Glen is the one to go with.

Bosch : The Bosch chimney has Hi-Efficiency Aluminum Mesh Filters. The filters ensure that grease is removed from your kitchen efficiently, making it an excellent choice for heavy-duty Indian cooking.

5. What is the mechanism of a chimney?

The theory behind chimneys is that hot air rises over cold air. The pressure difference between the inside of the flue and the room is caused by the flow of hot gases rising from the fire. The faster the air rises and the better the chimney operates, the hotter the fire is.

6. What are the many kinds of chimneys?

Three Different types of chimneys – Chimney Meaning in Hindi

  • Prefabricated ( factory-built )
  • Brick or stone for masonry.
  • Stoves that stand alone.

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Chimney Meaning in Hindi

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