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Top 15 Best Commode Chair in India

commode chair
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Best 15 Commode Chair in India (Review)-2022

The commode chair is one such piece of equipment. It’s also known as the autonomy chair, and it’s a fantastic tool for providing comfortable treatment. People who are unable to walk on their own nowadays frequently utilise commode chairs.

It is critical to make a living space adaptable in order to simplify one’s lifestyle. It is important for those who are dependent on others, such as the elderly, to be well equipped to deal with their declining mobility.

To provide a comfortable atmosphere for elderly individuals who require care, it is critical to incorporate all necessary pieces of equipment in their surroundings.

Top Brands of Commode Chair

commode chair

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What is the definition of a commode chair?

A commode chair is a portable toilet that can be placed in your immediate vicinity and is frequently used by those who are unable to walk the distance to the bathroom due to frailty or another illness. The waste container linked to the commode is readily removable and emptyable.

What are the Benefits of Commode Chairs?

Commode chairs are extremely important for persons who are Disabled.Here is given Benefits-

Provide Autonomy – Regardless of their situation, no one should have to compromise on safety and hygiene. A commode chair allows you to go to the bathroom without help, allowing you to be more independent and discreet.

It Protects your privacy – Privacy is crucial, and for people who rely on others to meet their biological needs, it can be a source of stress. A commode chair, on the other hand, allows you to rely on yourself. It helps you keep your dignity because you don’t need anyone’s support any longer.

A Better Alternative – A commode chair has support bars, which safeguard you from any risks that may emerge from movement when you’re alone. Aside from that, these chairs can help you avoid injury by reducing the number of trips to the bathroom at night.

Transportable Equipment – Commode chairs are lightweight and easy to transport. These chairs are collapsible and fit conveniently within your vehicle, making it easier for senior persons to go on outings.

Types of Commode Chairs

Take a look at some of the most common commode chair designs:

Portable Commode Chairs – These chairs are collapsible and lightweight, making them easy to transport. They also have wheels and take up a small amount of room.

Static Commode Chairs – There are no wheels on these seats. They do, however, commonly come with removable arms for mobility and transit. They come in a variety of styles and are very popular among users.

Bariatric Commode Chairs –The durability of bariatric commodes is a priority. They can support up to 600 pounds of weight. They are larger in size and provide ample room for the user to sit comfortably.

Top 15 Best Commode Chair in India

On a daily basis, we update this list of the top 15 best-selling commode chairs. As a result, only the most recent and popular commode chairs are mentioned here. You can trust the items offered on because thousands of Indian buyers have purchased and tested them.

Finding a decent and reliable product at a reasonable price on the internet is really tough. Keeping this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 best-selling commode chairs, ensuring that you get the finest quality and value for your money.

1. ARCATRON MOBILITY Reinventing Assisted Living Frido Prime Assistant Propelled Shower Commode Wheelchair with Height Adjustability and Swivel Armrest

commode chair


For optimal corrosion resistance, it’s made of stainless steel ss304. Rolls straight over the commode, eliminating the need to lift and transport the patient.

For effortless bed to chair transfers and rolling over varying commode heights, there are six levels of height adjustability. Full armrest swivel back for convenient user shifting; no hindrance between bed and chair.

For enhanced safety, all four medical caster wheels have absolute lock and brakes. For best seating comfort, use water-resistant soft pu cushions.

For routine use and showering, a soft top seat cover is placed over the commode seat. For comfort and manoeuvrability in compact spaces, the footrest swings away and is adjustable and retractable.

2. KosmoCare Pride Imported Commode Wheelchair

commode chair


  • Frame Style: Foldable
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Upholstery: Rexine
  • Armrest: Fixed & Footrest: Detachable
  • Wheel Quality: Solid Mag Wheels
  • Rear Wheel Lock: Yes
  • Hand Brakes: No
  • Net Weight: 18 kgs

The KosmoCare Commode Wheelchair is ideal for persons who require a commode but also require the mobility and convenience of a wheelchair.

  • Out to out width in open position: 26 inches
  • Seat Width: 17 inches
  • Total width in closing position: 12 inches
  • Rear Wheel Size: 24 inches
  • Front Wheel Size: 8 inches
  • Seat to Floor Height: 20 inches
  • Seat Depth: 17 inches
  • Back Height: 15 inches
  • Total Height: 35 inches
  • Max User Weight Capacity: 100 kgs

The user can move himself forward while seated thanks to the back wheels. The seat cut-out is comfortable, and it comes with a bucket that can be used anywhere. This wheelchair has a fixed footrest and armrest, making it a stable and practical solution.

3. PHYSIQO Folding Stainless Steel Shower Commode Chair

commode chair


PHYISQO Commode Chair is designed to assist elderly individuals or those with disabilities with their toileting needs. PHYISQO Commode Chair is designed to help persons who have difficulty squatting due to knee problems.

It’s also covered in black powder, which extends its lifespan. Details PHYISQO Commode Chair provides consumers with more comfort and stability. It was created with portability in mind.

The chair’s easy-to-clean design guarantees that patients are kept clean and healthy everytime they utilise it. It can also be used as a raised toilet seat with a hole.

Features and Advantages PHYISQO Commode Chair allows you to sit comfortably without straining your back.The frame is easily foldable, making it easy to transport.

In a tiny living space, this is ideal for storage. It offers a height adjustment for added convenience. It has a pan that may be removed.

It can withstand a weight of up to 100 kilogrammes.The feeling of needing and becoming self-sufficient increases one’s quality of life.

When it comes to your biological care, having a commode chair might help you be more independent. With this commode/shower chair, you can unwind in warm water and get clean.

The Comfort Chair is a lightweight, robust chair that folds up effortlessly for storage. Keep one in your car or camper and you’ll be ready for anything, even roadside situations.

4. FASTWELL Premium Commode Chair with Foldable Wheel

commode chair


  • The foldable design saves space and eases transportation
  • Maximum permissible weight for this product is 125 kg
  • Pot removable and height adjustable easy fold
  • Can be used over the conventional indian styled commodes
  • Comes complete with commode bucket with carry handle, cover and splash shield

The bedside commode chair with wheel is simple to open and fold, and it folds flat for easy storage and transportation.

This commode opens and folds in seconds thanks to the simple snap buttons. The grey powder coated steel welded design adds strength and durability to the sturdy plastic snap on seat and lid.

Plastic arms are used for increased comfort and safety. The set includes a commode bucket, a carry handle, a cover, and a splash barrier.

5. VEAYVA Dual folding 5-in-1 bathroom mobility Commode

commode chair


It can be used as a walker, a raised toilet seat, a toilet seat frame, a commode, or a shower seat.The raised toilet seat is designed to accommodate most ordinary toilets. Shower seat with detachable seat and commode bucket,pleasant and safe non-slip foam cushion; auto drainage, corrosion-free frame.

Those with mobility impairments can regain their freedom with this 5-in-1 mobility device. To assist with day-to-day tasks, an individual no longer requires several devices in their house.

Medical-grade materials are used in accordance with hospital requirements. Seniors, people with restricted mobility, assisted living caretakers, the disabled, or those recovering from hip fractures, back surgeries, lower body surgeries, strains, or muscular injuries can benefit from this product.

This device can be used as:

  • Folding Walker
  • Raised Toilet Seat
  • Toilet Seat Frame
  • Toilet Commode
  • Shower Safety Seat
  • Lightweight aluminum frame – Folds for easy transport and storage
  • Non-slip rubber tipped legs
  • Tool free assembly
  • Neutral colors blend perfectly with any decor
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

6. KosmoCare Recliner Cum Commode Crest Series

commode chair


To manually regulate the wheelchair and reclining angle, a special function wheelchair is equipped with a lever and handbrakes.

It has a reclining High Back and a soft cushioned commode seat with a front cut for simple personal washing, as well as a raised leg rest and calf support that can be pushed into a sleeping position.

It has a high back, elevated leg rest, and calf support, and can be placed into a sleeping position. It also has a commode, detachable armrests, and a footrest.

Hydraulic reclining high back with detachable headrest, comfy armrest, and supper tray for a comfortable position.It also contains a soft commode seat for patient comfort, as well as a front seat opening for convenient personal hygiene.

7. FASTWELL Multipurpose Commode Chair

commode chair


A walker can be the ideal choice if you’re looking for a safe and simple way to improve your daily movement. A walker that is height adjustable is a better option than a normal walker since it eliminates the need to elevate the device and allows you to stroll at a leisurely pace.

With this robust, lightweight walker, you can easily go around town, the mall, or your own home.With a versatile walker, you can improve your mobility and quality of life.

With a twist of the lever, you may modify the leg height and lock it in position, ensuring optimal posture when walking reciprocally.

All of the attachments shown in the photographs are included in the purchase. This item can be used for:

  • A standard walker with a heavy-duty aluminium frame and excellent design and comfort.
  • A device that uses upper body strength to assist the legs when getting out of a chair.
  • A bath bench or a shower chair.
  • A commode chair is number four.
  • A toilet seat lifter

Multifunction walkers are excellent for uneven, outside terrain, making them ideal for your active, hectic lifestyle. You’ll always have a convenient spot to relax with the removable seat with visible pot.

The spacious, removable basket is ideal for hand-carrying. It is designed and constructed for optimal comfort, durability, and convenience of usage, as well as the capacity to fold quickly.

8. KosmoCare Premium Imported Folding Commode Stool

commode chair


The commode stool’s leg folds in half on both sides with ease. The 15″x14.5″ structure saves space in the bathroom and makes using the restroom less unpleasant.

The stool’s tiny design makes it easier to transport on the go, weighing only 3.5kg.The commode stool is made of mild steel with a powder coating for further durability.

When the seat is in use, the well-aligned foot maintains stability and balance, eliminating any danger of movement or shakiness.

Each leg is equipped with a rubber bushing for added traction on the surface. The built-in hinge lock and leg support will assure safety, especially if the laboratory is damp or slick.

Unlike liquid coatings, MS powder is electrostatically coated and thermally cured. It adds to the frame’s longevity and prevents early corrosion. Wipe the stool clean after each use with a dry cloth.

Even if you want to go trekking or on other adventures, you can take the stool with you for a continuous, peaceful, sterile, and home-like lavatory experience while ensuring cleanliness and safety.

9. Entros Commode Chair & Bathing foldable chair

commode chair


The adult entros Commode Chair is the ideal solution for those with mobility difficulties. If you have a patient, an elderly person, or a pregnant woman in your home who has difficulty using the restroom or showering, this entros Commode Chair with Pot will be a godsend.

The provided chair is made under expert supervision and meets international requirements. Before being sent to clients for usage, our items go through a series of quality checks.

Seat Width: 15 inches, Seat Height: 16 inches, Product Weight Capacity: 100 kg, Total Height: 31 inches, Seat Width: 15 inches, Seat Height: 16 inches.

We ensure that all quality requirements are met because client happiness is our top priority. This chair is collapsible, making it convenient to store and carry.

We ensured that this chair is both lightweight and durable in order to provide the best possible support to everybody who utilises it.

The maximum weight capacity of this chair is 100 kg. The CE European Union has certified our entros Commode chair for the toilet. The FDA in the United States has given their approval. ISO certification is available.

10. KIVANYA Folding Elderly Disabled Commode Chair

commode chair


KIVANYA Foldable Commode Chair for the Elderly, Pregnant Women, and the Disabled. It has a backrest that can be adjusted, an armrest, and anti-skid rubber shoes.

It also includes a free removable multicolor pot with a capacity of 1 litre. Because it is collapsible and lightweight, it is easy to transport and store in a small space.

Due to its robust MS Material body, it can easily handle a patient’s heavyweight of up to 100 kg. Blue is the colour of the body.

11. Vissco Toilet Safety Rails – Universal

commode chair


For the aged and disabled, there is a toilet safety rail. It aids in the prevention of falls and makes everyday living safer.

When descending to and raising from the toilet seat, it provides secure support.Basic toilet seat hinge bolts lock the rails in place.Anodized, rust-resistant aluminium and plastic moulded armrests.

12. KosmoCare Premium Imported Bedside Commode chair

commode chair


A high-quality disguised commode arm chair that complements the decor of your home.The wipe-clean surface is easy to clean, sanitise, and deodorise, and the concealed commode pan can be quickly removed for emptying and cleaning.

This Elegant Commode Chair is a must-have for the elderly and crippled, with a high seat and side arms for further support.

Beige upholstery goes with a variety of personal and professional styles and settings.Seat depth is 18.5″, width is 17.5″, and weight capacity is 136 kg. Net weight is 12 kg.

13. KosmoCare Premium Aluminum Shower/Commode Chair

commode chair


  • Shower and commode in one wheelchair
  • With a detachable backrest and a sturdy aluminium frame.
  • 18-inch seat width 12 kilos (net weight)
  • For added stability, the rear wheels lock.

It’s a lightweight aluminium model with a fixed armrest and flip-up footrest, as well as 3-inch castors and a rear lock wheel for showering. It also comes with a commode for toileting.

14. KosmoCare Premium Imported Commode with Castors

commode chair


  • Foldable frame with height-adjustable seat and castors, with rear wheels that may be locked.
  • Rear wheel lock for added safety.
  • Flat foldable steel frame with height adjustment from 17.5 to 21.5 inches.
  • Max User Capacity: 100 kg, Net Weight: 9 kg (approx)

15. KosmoCare Premium Imported Folding Commode Chair

commode chair


  • Product weight capacity: 100 kg
  • Total Height: 31 inches
  • Seat Width: 16.5 inches
  • Seat Height: 17.5 inches
  • Net Weight: 6 kg

The KosmoCare Folding Commode Chair was created with you in mind. The frame can be used as a commode chair or can be utilised to cover an existing Indian toilet.

The armrests provide a pleasant area to relax and a safe spot to hold whether sitting or standing, making sitting and standing easier.

This commode, in addition to being comfortable, can be folded without the use of tools, making storage and travel easier. The powder-coated steel welded design assures strength and durability, with the capacity to support up to 100 kg.

The commode chair’s bucket and seat are composed of high-quality plastic, making it a premium product in the line. It is highly long-lasting and easy to clean, as well as quite comfortable for patients.

The MS commode chair is powder coated and weighs 6 kg, making it light weight but solid and durable while providing independence to people with limited mobility.

This style of commode chair is compact and easily foldable, making it easy to store and transport on long vacations away from home.


All of the commode chairs in the preceding list have been updated and described only after careful consideration of their features and cost.

On our top 15 list, there are numerous types of commode chair, each with a different budget range and feature set, so that everyone can select a commode chair that best suits their budget and demands.

I hope you find the above listings on the commode chair to be of assistance. Have fun shopping! Thanks!

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