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Modern King Size Bed Design in India

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In India, modern king size beds are nothing short of a throne of comfort, which everyone looks forward to returning home after a long day. It has always been the most popular furniture unit in the house due to its vast size and additional features.

आईये अब हम टॉप 5 Modern King Size Bed in India के बारे में देखते है जो बहुत ही आरामदायक के साथ वैल्यू फॉर मनी भी है

1. Solimo Petra Solid Sheesham Wood King Bed (Teak Finish)

Modern King Size Bed Design In India

Modern King Size Bed Design in india
Modern King Size Bed Design in india

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  • Size of the bed: A modern king-size bed. Height (78 inches), Width (74 inches), and Length (78 inches) (35 inches)
  • Sheesham solid wood with a quality teak finish is used. MDF board is used to support the mattress.
  • 78 x 72 inches is the recommended mattress size.
  • Assembly is required: The product will need to be assembled by a carpenter, who will be provided by the vendor.
  • Warranty: On manufacture problems, there is a 5-year warranty.
  • Quality and safety tests were completed in excess of 20 times.
  • For durability, 30,000 cycles of fatigue testing were performed.

2. DeckUp Bei King Bed with Box Storage (Dark Wenge, Matte Finish)

Modern King Size Bed Design in india
Modern King Size Bed Design in india

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  • Dimensions of the product: Length (208 cm), Width (190 cm), Height (90 cm)
  • Engineered Wood is the primary material. Dark Wenge is the colour of the wood. Matte Finish is a type of finish that is applied to a piece of furniture. Contemporary design
  • Modern King Size Bed Design, Mattress Size Recommendation: 72×78 Inches
  • Requires assembly: The product will require carpenter assembly, which the seller will provide.

3. Wakefit King Sheesham Bed Without Storage

Modern King Size Bed Design in india
Modern King Size Bed Design in india

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  • Sheesham solid wood bed in a modern king size design with measurements of 206.5cm (length) x 188.6cm (width) x 90.5cm (height). 78×72 inches is the recommended mattress size.
  • Fine texture, plenty of storage, and a sturdy construction.
  • The style is simple, yet it provides a lot of comfort and support.
  • 360kg load bearing capacity to ensure optimum support

4. Solimo Auray Engineered Wood Queen Bed with Box Storage

Modern King Size Bed Design in india
Modern King Size Bed Design in india

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  • 159 cm (62.6 inches) in length, 207 cm (81.5 inches) in width, and 90 cm in height (35.43 inches)
  • 152.4 cm x 198.12 cm (60 inch * 78 inch) is the recommended mattress size.
  • Longevity is ensured by the use of European standard particle board, which is stain and humidity resistant.
  • For improved safety, a smooth surface free of burrs and sharp edges is used.
  • The combination of an elegant design and a fine walnut finish creates a nice aesthetic look.
  • Dynamic loading tests were performed for durability and edge stability quality and safety over 21,000 cycles.
  • It is safe to use on a daily basis because it does not include any toxins or dangerous ingredients.
  • For your peace of mind, there’s a 3-year limited warranty on manufacturing faults.

5. Metallika London King Size Metal Bed (Glossy Finish, Black) By FurnitureKraft

Modern King Size Bed Design in india
Modern King Size Bed Design in india

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  • Good quality metal structure for increased stability and strength, easy to clean and maintain, and long-lasting powder coating paint
  • A well-designed Indian Modern King Size Bed Design brand that will take up the exact amount of space in your modern bedroom and enhance your bedroom lifestyle.
  • Dimensions of the product Dimensions: (206 CM) Height : (189 CM) Width : (189 CM) (28 CM)
  • Our 3-year warranty allows you to fulfil all of your aspirations to use our items in a quiet and comfortable manner.
  • Products that are simple to attach and detach for the first time are assembled for free.


Question: What is the gauge of the metal pipe used in the product?

Answer: 20-21 guage.

Question: Do you delivered to Rajamahendravaram Andhrapradeah 533101 with assembled?

Answer: You have to check with the seller or with Amazon.

Question: Is this made of solid metal rods or hollow metal pipes?

Answer: Hollow metal pipes

Question: Assembly involves just fastening the bolts or is it complicated ?

Answer: It is not that difficult, comes with specific bolts and inner hex head fastener. In my case the clamp that joins the 2 part of bases was little shorter, so bit of drilling was needed to adjust.

Question: Will a 180x200cm mattress fit?

Answer: Ye you can put 180*200 cm bed it is perfect size

Question: During sleep will it make noice?

Answer: Once you move or rotate side, yes it would.

Read reviews that mention

Value for money

must buy

Modern King Size Bed Design

easy to assemble light weight

assembly service

quality is good
need to put worth it for the money

good quality size bed worth the price


If you are comfortable with metal bed with no storage then must buy

while sleeeping it start giving sound of Chrr Chrr and has started loosing it’s shape.


A nice bed is more than simply a place to sleep; it’s also the setting for many cherished experiences, such as late-night reading, marathon movie marathons, talks, and more. As a result, finding the ideal bed that matches your specific requirements becomes even more critical.

Choose from a wide selection of comfy, well-designed beds that may serve as the focal point of your bedroom. Look through our selection of beds to find the one that’s right for you.

Modern King Size Bed Design in india
Modern King Size Bed Design in india

The space and comfort of a king size bed are unrivalled. For a range of interior themes and aesthetics, king size bed designs are constructed to perfection.

Find one that’s right for you and your space, whether it’s a classic wood frame in your favourite finish, a sleek and robust metal frame, or a luxurious upholstered bed.

Stay organised with a king size bed with storage to make the most of your space and eliminate clutter.

A king size bed’s comfort generally comes at a high price, but now you can shop the bed selection online and find the greatest bargain for a king size bed at a price that’s appropriate for you.

Modern King Size Bed Design in india
Modern King Size Bed Design in india

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Modern King Size Bed Design in India

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